Emory Horne

Colleges Attended and Degrees:

  • University of Phoenex B.S. Degree

Certification In:

  • Crimal Justice Administration
  • ESE K-12
  • Elementary Education K-6

Email: emory.horne@calhounflschools.org

Kim Horne

Colleges Attended and Degrees:

  •  Liberty University,B.S. Degree

Certified In:  

  • Special Education Interdisciplinary Studies ESE K-12

Email:  kim.horne@calhounflschools.org

Jay McClellan

Colleges Attended and Degrees:

  • Florida State University, B.A. in Business Administration
  • Chipola College, E.P.I.

Certified In: 

  • Physical Education K-12
  • Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum 6-8
  • Execptional Student Education K-12

Email: jay.mcclellan@calhounflschools.org