Blountstown High School
18597 NE SR69
Blountstown, FL 32424
PH: 850-674-5724
FAX: 850-674-8865
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Calhoun County Schools Vision:

Calhoun County School District strives to be a world class school system; preparing today's students for tomorrow's world.

Calhoun County Schools Mission:

Calhoun County School District is committed to excellence, ensuring that each student achieves his or her highest potential in a global society.

Blountstown High School Mission: 

Blountstown High School is a place where students, faculty, parents, and community are a team committed to rigorous education in order to produce responsible citizens who are life-long learners in a global society.

Blountstown High School Belief:

Blountstown High School will produce graduates who are well prepared to meet their potential as productive and life-long learners in a diverse and ever-changing world.  We believe that:

  • Learning is the chief priority of school;
  • Every student can learn;
  • A safe, secure, and clean environment promotes learning;
  • Positive relationships and mutual respect among students and teachers are essential for learning;
  • Curriculum must be both challenging and flexible;
  • Current technical literacy is vital for students' success; and
  • Creating life-long learners is the joint responsibility of administrators, teachers, parents and the community.

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