CALHOUN COUNTY, FL – The Calhoun County School Board (CCSB) and Calhoun Correctional Institute (CCI) continued their partnership when the CCSB recently donated equipment to the institution. A John Deere 850 tractor was recently surplused due to its need of extensive repairs, but will now be put back in service.

When CCI Warden Scott Payne and Superintendent Yoder discussed the idea of the donation, Warden Payne suggested that the tractor could be repaired by inmates and put back to use on the grounds of CCI. The CCSB considers CCI as a vital partner with inmate work squads saving the CCSB thousands of dollars each year.

Warden Payne stated, “I am thankful for this donation from the Calhoun County School Board. Once repaired, the tractor will be an asset that will be put to use at Calhoun Correctional Institution.”

“I value the partnership with Calhoun Correctional Institution. The efforts of the officers and inmate crews each year within the Calhoun County School District allow us to stretch our limited maintenance funds further,” Superintendent Yoder explained. “This relationship provides for a better community here in Calhoun County.”